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Media Job Tips

Tips for Finding a Job in Media Media jobs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and with the sweeping popularity of a wide range of devices with which to gain that media-tablets, computers, television, mobile devices, Google Glasses, etc.-the range and number of media jobs is growing and diversifying. In spite of that, finding a good job in media takes a lot of hard work, luck, and networking, so if you want to work in this field, it’s important to start as early as possible. Do that by figuring out what type of media you want to work in and then really sink everything you can into finding a job. Types of Media Jobs There are scads of media jobs and more opening up all the time in one form or another. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are some examples: Journalist Blogger Book agent Photo editor TV News Anchor Book Editor Art Director Literary Scout Media Planner Online Editor Publicist Account Executive Fact Checker Copy Writer Basically, if it involves bringing information in one form or another to an audience, it’s a media driven job! Landing a Job Once you’ve worked out what you want to do, you next have to figure out how to...